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Pipaxi Hotel Zhangjiajie

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park
Pipaxi Hotel is joint venture operated by Hunan Tourism Bureau and Beijing Tourism Group located in Zhangjiajie Natioanl...
Pipaxi Hotel Zhangjiajie

Heaven Gate Hotel Zhangjiajie

Jichang Road
Heaven Gate Hotel Zhangjiajie is a 3-star member hotel of World Travelers Network(,which is co...
Heaven Gate Hotel Zhangjiajie

Xiang Dian International Hotel Zhangjiaj...

Zhangjiajie Forest Park
Xiangdian International Hotel is a 4 star business hotel located in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, opposite to Zhaixi...
Xiang Dian International Hotel Zhangjiajie

International Hotel Zhangjiajie

42 Sanjiao Ping, Yongding District
Zhang Jia Jie International Hotel is a 4 star hotel which is located in the center of Zhangjiajie. It has a good locatio...
International Hotel Zhangjiajie

Jindu Hotel Zhangjiajie

Intersection of Ziwu Road and Fengwan Road

Shunshilong Hotel Zhangjiajie

45 Wangjiagang, Beizheng Street

Jinghao Hotel Zhangjiajie

CPPCC Administrative Building (Shizhengxie Jiguan Dayua...

Wind and Cloud Holiday Hotel Zhangjiajie

Inside the Nanzhuangpin Weather Bureau